We strive to build partnerships with businesses to foster community and collaboration on the local level. Some of our current partnerships include:

Pacific Northwest Natives (and Craig Edminster)

A company devoted to increasing the use of native plants in our landscape through connecting growers products with buyers. Check out their website.


Our cannery, where vegetables go to be fresh processed so they can be eaten year-round. It is a nationally recognized farmer cooperative owned by 240 Willamette Valley family farmers. Learn more at

Mark Azevedo

A fellow wood enthusiast with whom we share space and knowledge around wood milling.

Lumber to Legacy

In support of native white oak restoration in Albany as well as the restoration of wood shop programs in area high schools, this program works to provide mentorship and learning in woodworking to teens while using wood that would have otherwise gone to waste. More info at

Fry Road Produce

A farm on the opposite side of Albany, run by good friends Dirk and Lydia, with whom we share resources, relaxation time and do food preservation.

Check them out at

Frankie’s Restaurant

Located less than two miles from us, this restaurant started buying Asparagus from us in 2014 and we have since worked together to source more food through them.

Learn more at their website.