We grow Green Beans and Sweet Corn for Norpac, Oregon's only farmer owned co-operative cannery. These products can be found in grocery stores under the labels FLAV-R-PAC (frozen foods) and Santiam (canned goods).


Additionally, we have 1/2 acre of Asparagus that is predominantly sold direct market in the Albany and Corvallis area to restaurants and individuals.

When it is in season, (six weeks between April and June) you can find it at the Community Table at the Albany and Corvallis Saturday Markets, in the menus of Frankie’s, Vault 244, Block 15 and Sybaris as well as through our farm stand.

Neighborhood Farm Stand

We also have a small neighborhood farm stand that is open seasonally a few days a week to help supply our neighbors with food (The closest grocery store is 15 minutes away, driving).